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Ever wanted to dress like Louie?

Now you can! Simply click here and print out Louie's hat. You can color it first and then wear it on your head.

Just follow the instructions and you'll be dressing like Louie in no time.

Click here, then go to File > Print to begin.



Go to the Jr. BlueNote Kids Club website at stlouisblues.com/jrbluenote to sign up for the season.

Plus, be sure to take advantage of these great online games, exclusively at the Jr. BlueNote Kids Club website.

  • Tic Tac Toe - Play the classic game with hockey sticks and pucks.
  • Word Puzzles - Figure out these hockey-related puzzles. The fewer clicks, the better you'll rank.
  • Jigsaw Puzzle - Unscramble Louie and you'll win!
  • Checkers - Try to beat the computer in this classic board game.