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Species: Bear
Resides: Scottrade Center
Height: HUGE
Weight: More to Love
Age: Wouldn't you like to know...

Food: Spicy Red Wings and Deep Fried Blackhawk
Movies: Slapshot and Jungle Book
Color: I Bleed Blue!
Actor: Tom BEARenger
Actress: Halle BEARy
Songs: "When the BLUES Go Marching IN" and "Teddy Bear" by Elvis

Hobbies: Eating (a lot), reading and rooting for the Blues
Likes: Playing the blues on my sax, Blues fans and Blues victories
Dislikes: Any team playing the Blues
A number of years ago, in a small town near the Arctic Circle, a bouncing baby polar bear was born. But this bear was very different from all of the other polar bears in the town. While all of the other bears had white fur, this bear’s fur was BLUE!!

Although his family loved him very much, the blue bear never really felt as though he fit in at school or among his friends. He was always picked last for hockey games (his favorite). Instead, he would spend most of his time playing his favorite music, the blues, on his saxophone.

Then one day he was told about a hockey team called the St. Louis Blues! Since the blue bear loved hockey, blues music, and was blue himself, he knew he had to find this team!

When he was old enough, the blue bear traveled all the way to St. Louis to meet the Blues. After meeting the team, he was inspired with their high energy and great teamwork. Even though they had never met a blue bear before, all the Blues’ players & coaches liked him so much that they invited him to be a part of the team… as their mascot! He knew that he had finally found where he belonged.

On October 10, 2007, he was introduced to the fans and got to play “When the BLUES Go Marching In” on his saxophone. It was the greatest night of his life.

Then, on November 3, 2007, the blue bear was named Louie by the fans. He was even given his very own game jersey!

Now, Louie can be seen at all home games and throughout the community doing what he loves best— meeting fans and supporting the Blues! So, the next time you’re at a Blues game, be sure to say “hello” or give him a high five.