The Jr. BlueNote Kids Club is all about fun and games, so why not have some fun while you're visiting the website?

  • Tic Tac Toe - Play the classic game with hockey sticks and pucks.
  • Word Puzzles - Figure out these hockey-related puzzles. The fewer clicks, the better you'll rank.
  • Jigsaw Puzzle - Unscramble Louie and you'll win!
  • Checkers - Try to beat the computer in this classic board game.
  • Word Search - How long will it take you to find 20 hockey terms?
  • Coloring Page - Print a Let's Go Blues picture and color it.

Turn your computer into a wacky Jr. BlueNote Kids Club computer. Just click your screen size and when the image has finished loading, right click on it and set it as your desktop background!

For questions or more information regarding the 2012-13 Jr. BlueNote Kids Club,
please contact the Blues via e-mail.